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All the sneaky tricks they’ve  got to get your dollar. They made an art out of `locking you in’ and `requiring a premium account for some critical thing that’s missing in your basic account’. They may or may not keep your site up 24/7 most likely not due to scheduled downtime. There is so many of them and quite a lot of them are using old, outdated pc’s as internet servers sometimes totally insecure.
kws is an Australian cloud based web hosting and internet services business that has the latest secure technology available and uses Amazon virtual cloud global endpoints routed through elastic IP’s and load balanced for 24 hour super fast servers and services.
kws has no hidden charges or requirements and believes in simple, honest, straightforward costs with a full support, test and help facility.
After all you don’t want or need a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces when it comes to visitors turning up to have a look at your masterpiece.

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